Saturday, 21 March 2015

Traveling Home...

Today I woke up and finished my last items of packing before heading to Chatswood go get some sweets for the flight. 
When I returned Hannah had finished her meeting and waiting outside the apartment for me. I got my bags ready by the time Mark came home and we left around 1 ish for the airport. 
I had already checked in online so I just had to drop off my main luggage and fill in the Australian form before leaving the country. 
As I was early we stopped at The Coffee House for a latte and a final chat. 
I said my goodbyes before heading through security! 

I grabbed some teriyaki chicken sushi and walked to the departing gate. 

We boarded the plane but had a 30 minute delay before taking off due to a departing flight. 

The first 14 hour flight went surprisingly quickly as I slept, ate or watched movies for most of it. 
There was quite a lot of turbulence throughout the flight with the plane swaying side to side on occasions.

We stopped in Dubai after circling in the air for around an hour as there was no space to land the aircraft due to our late departure. 

We stopped in Dubai for around an hour and a half, then boarded the plane around 3:30 am and departed for London by 4 am local time. 
This leg of the journey wasn't too bad as it was only 7 hours.  

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