Monday, 9 March 2015

McLaren Vale Wine Tasting & Adelaide

Today we woke up very early and it was pitch black as we found that the sun rose later here compared to sydney. 
We met Brendon from Benders buses at the reception and we traveled to Adelaide City, which took around an hour. He dropped us off at the food markets, on one of the main streets within the city. It was like our heaven we walked around and soaked up all the amazing produce and free samples!

We stopped for breakfast at a place called Zuma Cafe.
I choose the smashed avocado with feta on gluten free bread, poached eggs, rocket and chorizo sausage. It was gorgeous! BEST BREAKFAST EVER!! 

We then walked around the huge market - all the stalls were amazing!! 

We left the market at around 10:30 and arrived in McLaren Vale at about11:30. Our first vineyard was probably the most scenic, Hugh Hamilton. 

The cellar door is built on top of a water tank, so there are spectacular views of their vineyards ! 

We sampled a selection of their wines  and each of them had there own quirky name. The sparkling one was called Drama Queen and the Moscato was called Goldilocks. 

My favourite was one that wasn't on the tasting menu - a 2012 Cabernet Sauvinon. I also liked the freshness of there Pino Grigo. 

We headed off to the next vineyard, Mollie Dooker. This was a very small vineyard but still had a wide selection of wines to sample! 

I really liked their white, which was a grape I had never tried before called Verdelho. It had an unusual taste but it was very nice. I surprisingly loved their Merlot & Shiraz blend, which had a little bit of sweetness and character! I normally hate Merlots, they're a glass of nothing! But this one is the only Merlot I would drink! 

Next on the list was Woodstock, which even had a mini wildlife santuary in its grounds. 

We sampled most of their wines. My favourite was the 2012 Pilots View Shiraz. 

We then visited a restaurant called Oscars for lunch. Lau choose a Lamb salad and I choose a Chicken and avocado one. 

Our next stop was Wira Wira. This wine company stock some of there wines in waitrose and Ocado. 

We had a cheesy photo outside by the massive bottle of wine that's made entirely of cork screws. 


Our final vineyard stop was Hardys, which is well known across the world.a
Our favourite here was a citrusy 2013 Sauvingon Blanc. 

Brendon was an amazing funny tour guide and took to exactly the right places! 
He took us back to Adelaide, where we were staying for the night. 

Our hotel was in the perfect location, set directly on the marina. After arriving, we went for a strol around the marina and the beach. 

We went back to the room and got changed for dinner at a place that was recommended to us by a woman in Langmeil vineyard yesterday called Zucca. 

Zucca is a Greek restaurant who specialise in small sharing dishes. We choose: 

Yianni's Fried Kalamata Olives - which were really hot in temperature so the stone came away instantly. 

Grilled Hindmarsh Valley Halumi with sliced raisins. Both were super tasty! 

Twice baked duck with pourel potatoes, spinach, and metaxa salsa. The duck was gorgeous!! 

9 score marbled porterhouse with village potatoes. 
The beef was cooked superbly! 

We walked to the ice cream parlour a few  restaurants down from Zucca. I had a mint choc chip and Lau had a honeycomb one. 

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