Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Traveling to Sydney...

After saying goodbye to everyone Sunday, dad and myself headed up to Heathrow airport.
Once I had checked my main luggage through we sat down and had a cappuccino in costas. 
Around 7 ish, dad left as I walked through security. Typical, I beeped of course and had to pull all my hand luggage apart :') 

I then walked around the many shops in the terminal until around 8 when I was called to gate 1. 
They checked my ticket at the gate and then I sat down with all the other Aussies that would be on my flight. I was surprised how easy everything was, as I don't think I had to queue much at all! 

Shortly after they started boarding the flight. I was one of the first called as I was sitting on the upper deck of the plane. I was quite excited to see what a double decker plane looked like as the only double one I had been on was to India, but the toilets were on one of the levels so I guess it doesn't really count. 

We departed right on time and headed towards Dubai. I was at the back of the plane on the top deck. There are two seats next to the windows either side and then four seats in the centre. I was sitting in the middle of the four seat row. 

The flight took around 7 hours and my feet felt dead after sitting around for that long, even with walking around the plane. I managed to watch 3 films during this part of the flight, but I always drifted off to sleep at the end. Typical me! 
I watched a lot of TV programmes too, like Two and a Half Men and I managed to read two books too.
We had dinner on the flight too, I choose the Seared Salmon with dill sauce, roast new potatoes, carrots and broccoli, accompanied by Passionfruit and dulce de leche mousse. 

The salmon was super moist and flaked perfectly! I wasn't expecting to like the dessert as I am not a fan of mousse, but I love Passionfruit and caramel so I was hoping it would taste good. I was spot it, it was so delicious!!

The menu choice was good! 

When we landed in Dubai, we took our hand luggage and went through customs. Then headed through duty free towards our gate A1. Again there was no queues. 
Once in the gate I had to stand up and keep walking to stop my legs from going dead.
We were only in the airport for such a short amount of time, I think it was an hour and a half but it felt like less. We boarded the plane quickly again but there was some complications on the plane as it wasn't ready to take off. When it was, we had to wait for a space from air traffic control. So we actually ended up just sitting in the plane on the runway for over an hour. 

When we finally departed to Sydney, it felt like it was going to be a very long flight, but in the end it didn't seem too bad! The flight time on this part was around 14 hours.
The flight started with a little snack of soy rice crackers, followed by some lunch. I choose the Braised Beef Shanks with creamy mash, carrots and beans. It was lovely and wintery, just what I needed before I go braise the heat of Auz! 

For dessert I had Triple Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Custard, it was quite nice but my favourite had to be the Passionfruit one on the first part of the flight. 

The second menu choice. 

I then read a magazine that I brought with me and got my laptop out and started to watch Breaking Bad. It took around three episodes for me to get in to. But now I'm hooked! Even the Aussie guy next to me had to stop reading his book to watch it! 
I only managed to just start watching series 2, as my laptop battery was about to die. The only thing bad about the flight is that they don't have power sockets only a usb charger for an iPhone. 
I then drifted to sleep for around an hour on and off. 
I woke up to some Lake District Mild Cheddar Cheese and crackers. I don't understand why I haven't tried this cheddar before, it was super good! 
I put on some of my music and drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up to find my breakfast, a plate full of fresh fruit, Pain au Chocolat and Bircher Museli. I was surprised that my favourite fruit in the breakfast was watermelon, which I usually hate!   

I put my music back on and relaxed for the rest of the flight. 

Due to the late departure in Dubai, we arrived at 7:50 am on Tuesday, about an hour delayed from the original time of landing. 
I then went through the E passport scanner and got talking to an Aussie guy from Brisbane around the same age as me, who had been traveling around Europe for the last 3 months! He visited England, Scotland, Ireland but not Wales - typical! :') he was surprised that we actually had good beaches! 

I collected my main baggage, headed past customs, where they were filming boarder control Sydney! 
Once through I was greeted by Hannah, Mark and Lau. 
It was so nice to see the three of them together :) it had been such a long time since I had seen all of them! 
We headed towards there car, which is super nice, Audi s3! 
We drove through Sydney over the famous bridge. 
We stopped in a pretty spot to take in the beautiful view of Sydney! :) 

They took me to their apartment then, which is absolutely gorgeous!! 
We sat on the balcony for a bit and had a good catch up! 
After a nice cool shower we headed out to the harbour where we had a boat ride around it. 

We got off and walked around for a bit and stopped in a lovely restaurant called Cyren. 

I choose the Chicken breast stuffed with Ricotta, Basil & Semi dried tomatoes , wrapped in prosciutto, served on crushed chat potatoes, with roasted baby fennel & lyonnaise sauce. 
It was absolutely gorgeous!! Best chicken dish I have ever had! 

Lau and Hannah had a local white fish with chips and Mark had a steak. 

We carried on walking around the harbour and then walked in to Sydney to a shopping mall that looked exactly like Covent gardens, super pretty! 

We headed back the apartment, Lau and Hannah headed off to the gym, whilst Mark and myself had an interesting chat about Barossa wines. 
They were all surprised I was still awake at 6 pm, as they all normally fall asleep by 4 pm after the long flight. 
We walked around their village, Linfield, for a bit and I was shown were all the good shops and cafes are, including the best gelato and coffee shop around in Sydney!

When we were back in the apartment, Mark made some gorgeous Turkey burgers, which were incredible moist and served it with a lovely cucumber salad with an Asian style dressing! 

We watched TV for a bit and then headed to bed. I had surprised my self staying up until 11:30 pm. I know it will hit me hard when I return to the UK.

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