Friday, 20 February 2015

Touring around Bondi Beach

Today I woke up and it had rained during the night, but nethertheless it was bright and sunny! If it ever rains here it usually does in the night. 
I knew it was going to be quite hot today anyway, highs of 28/29 degrees.

I made Lau's scrambled eggs this morning with ham and cherry tomatoes! They were lovely! I tried hummous for the first time today and that was gorgeous!! 

I rushed out of the apartment with wet hair to do a bit of shopping before meeting Lau. I think my hair dried within 5 minutes, it's so hot out here! Today there's a nice cool breeze too, so it's making the heat much more bare able! 

As I walked out of the apartment you can see how beautiful gardens the gardens look! 

I headed out to Linfield train station and took the train to Chatswood. 

As I walked through the train station I could see straight away that this was a popular and vibrant part of Sydney! 
I walked along the streets and there were hundreds of restaurants, cafes, smoothie shops, and a tonne of street food tents! 
The smell of loads of different cuisines was enough to make any stomach rumble with hunger! 

I've noticed Austrailian do have a cuisine as such, they have pies,steaks, and lots and lots of avocado! They have it with everything, which I'm not complaining about, I love avocado! :) 
Most of Aussie cusine is very multi cultural due to there being so many cultures here! It's good, as you can taste the true cusine of a country in one place! Obviously you have to know which is the best place to try each cusine out! 

I went in the Westfield shopping mall and had a browse round, it was huge, 6 floors! I went to a sunglasses shop to buy a pair of aviators. Sunglasses are a must out here! :') 

I then met Lau outside the shopping mall after she had finished work at another shopping mall nearby. 
We went for sushi at one of the street food stalls. It was amazing! Proper sushi and not like the ones in the uk! 
I had one roll of Californian crab with avocado and cucumber, the other roll was teriyaki chicken. Both were equally as gorgeous! 

We took the train from Chatswood to Central and then caught the double decker tour bus to Bondi Beach. 

The tour bus takes you around all the small beaches next to the famous Bondi beach. 
At Bondi there is a famous gym centre which you can see if you look closely at the photo! We just tourney around the bus as it looked like it was going to storm. We are planning to go to Bondi next week. 

There was amazing views of the city from the tour bus! :) 

We headed back to Central on the tour bus then walked around city. Lau took me to visit a street called, Surry Hills, which is the foodie street with the best restaurants! 

We caught the train back to Linsfield then which takes around 30 mins from Central. 

When we got home we started preparing dinner. Tonight was beef fiajitas with peppers along with fresh guacamole and Greek yogurt. It was delicious! The beef was really tender as Mark bought a topside and cut it into stir fry pieces! 
The guacamole doesn't need anything said about it, I love avocados so! :) 

We booked our flights and accommodation for March to visit The Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. 


  1. Hi Charlie,

    If you are going to Cairns keep an eye out for my old Panther de Ville car! The chap who bought it live in Palm Cove, just a few miles north of Cairns. The Facebook page for it is "I Do Bridal & Formal Car Hire" if you want to look it up online.

    Don't forget to bring me back a really nice present!


  2. I'd like a pressie in the shape of sunglasses 😉 my lovely sister 😘 xx