Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Blue Mountains

We were up this morning at the crack of dawn. We missed our train by a minute so grabbed a coffee and some breakfast at Lindfield Espresso.
We took the train to Chatswood and then changed as the train was packed due to rush hour! So we took the next train to Central, then waited for around an hour for the train to Katumba.
The train was pretty cool, with retro style seats! 

The train journey was around 2 hours so we sat and read the newspaper and magazines. 
We arrived and it was super misty and raining. 

We walked to the main road and bought tickets for the adventure tour bus around the blue mountains. Unfortunately due to the sudden drop in temperature this morning there was a tonne of mist so nothing in the distance could be seen! 
We stopped at stop 8 to walk to the waterfall. We walked around 3K on the walk. The path was full of hills, silppy steps and a load of mud. We both hadn't made the right decision to what to wear this morning. I was in shorts, a crop top and flip flops. Luckily Jimmy the bus driver leant us a coat and an umbrella! 

The top part of the waterfall was very pretty but the bottom part was just white from the mist. 

It was completely chucking it down with rain the whole time! As you can imagine we both like drenched dogs covered in mud! 

We were so greatful to finish the walk and catch the bus to Leura Village. We went for lunch in Leura Gourmet Cafe.
Inside they had a massive views which in a clear day would have spectacular views of the mountains!
As soon as we ordered we both had to completely wash our legs, we were both knee high in mud! :')

The shop sold all its own products. 

To drink I had orange juice and I was super surprised how nice it was! It had been freshly juiced to order! 

I had the Tandoori Chicken, with pompadoms, rice, raita, and mango chutney. Lau choose the steak fillet sandwich. 

We walked around the village and browsed in a few of the little shops. 
We caught the train back to Lindfield and arrived at around 7. 
By the time everyone was home it was around 9, so we ordered a Thai takeaway. 
I had only sat down for a meal a Thai restaurant, but the takaway was lovely. We all had a mixture of dishes and tried a bit of each dish, we choose, duck in plum sauce, chilli jam chicken & beef with vegetables, ribbon rice noodles stir fried with fried egg and vegetables, green chicken Thai curry, and steamed rice. 
All of it was lush my favourites had to be the duck in plum sauce and also the ribbon rice noodles - they were like flat square pieces of noodles! 

We sat down and watched gogglebox and some sitcoms before heading to bed.

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