Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dinner & Drinks at the Opera House

Today I woke up from a refreshing 7 hour sleep to the glorious sunshine of Sydney! 
I had some breakfast and organised all my clothes then sat on the balcony to eat my lunch. From being out there 20 mins I think I burnt most of my face and legs :') 

When Lau came home from work we took the train from Linfield the harbour to catch a double decker tour bus of the city.

It was a really good tour, and an amazing way to see all around the city! 

We finished the tour by around quarter to seven. We walked from the centre to where Hannah and Mark work by the harbour. 
We all walked over to the other end of town to the the opera house. 

After ordering our food and drinks, Lau and myself wandered around to take some photos. 

We then went inside the opera house to look around. We ran out so quick when we heard fireworks going off for the start of the Chinese New Year! 
It was such a lucky surprise to watch the fireworks at the opera house. 

At the end of the display they turned the opera house red for the New Year! 

We returned to our table to our tapas style food arranged beautifully! 

We had a varied selection of items, all were absolutely delicious!! 
Lamb koftas with mint yogurt, 
Grilled asparagus with shaved Parmesan and extra Virgin olive oil, 
Calamari with chilli, salt and szechuen pepper, 
Beetroot, endive and goats curd salad, 
Hickory smoked duck breast with watercress and currents, 
Chunky fried potatoes with chilli mayo. 

My favourite had to be the duck salad, it's was so moist and the dressing with the sweet currents was stunning! 
The pickled beetroot were lush too, almost like baby ones which weren't has sharp as the red ones. 
The potatoes were stunning with the chilli mayo, they were very much additive! :) 

We all had a glass of wine with our selection of food. I had a Barossa which was lovely and full bodied with a kick at the end of it - Eden Trail Shiraz by Thorn-Clarke. 

We then walked back to the train station and stopped at a gelato parlour. The range of ice creams were absoluley amazing! This was only one row, they had three! The choice was incredible! 

Lau had a fig with honeycomb gelato which tasted delicious! I'm definatly having that flavour next time! I had mint choc chip which was so soft and minty! 

By the time we headed back on the train it had gone 11, so we were all shattered! 

Lau and myself stayed up for a bit looking at flights to the Barossa Valley, Cains and Great Barrier Reef tours! :) 

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