Friday, 20 February 2015

Breakfast & Manly Beach

Today we met up with Lau's friend Alex, to have breakfasts at Nicky's down the road. 
I was recommended the avocado dish by Hannah, as it's her favourite! 

We started with coffee - the best Latte in Syndey. How it's meant to be, not the milky rubbish ones that you get back home! 

I choose the scrambled eggs on sourdough with avocado smash, feta cheese, peas and mint. It was gorgeous, I'm most definatly making it for breakfast when I'm back! The scrambled eggs were almost folded and ever so moist! 

It was lovely to meet Alex! We all had a girly chat over breakfast! 

We headed to the station, where I finally bought my Opal card, similar to an Oyster card. 

We caught the train to Central then walked to Circular Quay to catch the ferry to Manly. 

It was quite an overcast day. We walked down the street towards the beach and stopped in all the surf shops. 
The choice here is amazing and they are way cheaper than the surf brands back home. 

We walked to the beach and sat down on the sand for a bit. We hardly sunbathed as it was really cloudy, but very humid.

Not many were in the water today as there was a shark sighting. 

We walked up the street and went to the best frozen yogurt place. I'm not that keen on it normally as I find it quite bitter at home but this place I think was the best place EVER! 

There was so many different flavours of frozen yogurt it was unbelievable! 

Along with all the topping choice too! 

After having tasters of all the different flavours, I choose the caramel macchiato, vanilla bean and fresh coconut frozen yogurt flavours topped with mango pearls, Passionfruit purée and shaved milk chocolate.
I think it's the best thing I've ever had - it was HEAVEN!! 

We sat on the beach eating our frozen yogurts but then it looked like it was going to rain, so we headed back to the ferry station and caught the ferry back to the Quay. 
We caught the right time ferry as the sun was setting and we had the most beautiful photographs! 

This group of boys made us laugh majorly, they looked like an Aussie version of One Direction :') 

We walked to Wynyard station and then caught the train home to Lindfield. 
We told Hannah and Mark about our day and journey home. We then made dinner, tonight was Teriyaki Salmon with brown rice and soy sauce and long stem broccoli and asparagus griddled! 
It was was lush! I normally have Teriyaki chicken but I think the salmon worked much better! 
With the salmon we had champagne, which is very much the norm out here! People will go to a bar from work and have bottles and bottles of champagne. 
This one was like a sweet dessert wine - moscato, so was lovely! 

We watched a bit of TV and then headed to bed. 

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