Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Golden Temple

Today we were up at the crack of dawn, literally! We were up dressed and in the square by our mini bus by 6 AM to travel to Amritsher.
Everyone was super tried and slept for most of the journey.

It was a 5 hour drive which we broke up by stopping at a hotel to have breakfast. I had their cheese omelette. It was very nice! Lovely and wafery thin.

You see the most random things on the roads out here. Here are loads of cows walking in the middle of the road! 

We arrived in Amritsher and made our way towards the Golden Temple. To enter the temple you had to cover your head for religious reasons, so we bought orange cover ups. Once we were inside the surroundings of the temple we had to remove our socks and shoes as we had to walk through holy water to get into the Golden Temple. 

We walked around the length of the temple. We couldn't even walk for a minute without being stopped by people wanting to have their photographs taken with us! 

We then qued to visit the golden part of the temple. Inside was magnificent ~ it was full of gold walls with people praying and blessing scarfs that people had brought.

As you can see the que was huge! But the chandelier was stunning! 

We then headed towards to the boarder crossing between India and Pakastian. Every day the soldiers perform. It was a very good performance! 

We headed back to the hotel which was a 5 hour journey. We broke it up by stopping for dinner in the same hotel that we stopped on the way down for breakfast.
I choose Honey chicken in a garlic sauce with boiled rice and chips. It was lovely! 

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