Monday, 27 October 2014

Teaching in Lower TCV

Today we up at 6:15 eager to go! We had breakfast at 7:30 after a lot of waiting around. Then collected our bags that we sorted out last night. In my group was 6 people, Des, Marion, Sian, Richard, Vanessa, and myself. We took 2 taxis to Lower TCV located in upper Dharamsala.
When we arrived we were greated by the headmaster, the principle and Madam CPR, as she runs the first aid club for the school. 

We were then taken to look at some of the children's artwork that they had on display. The artwork was amazing and to think that mainly 10 year olds painting and drew these is unbelievable!

My favourite one defiantly is the bird in flight on the top left corner of the photo. 

We then began the training starting with the basics of the primary survey. We went through DRSABC and the main aims of the session. We then took it in turns to talk about different topics and to demonstrate. We covered things such as asthma, epilepsy, shock, wounds/bleeding, heart attack, slings , drowning, and burns. 
We taught the basic things first and then we had a short tea break, where Madam CPR had made us all cake and chai tea. This was the first time I tried chai tea, it's defiantly something different, haha! 

After the break we started showing CPR on adults, children and babies on the Anne dolls. All the children seemed to enjoy this part of the most, as when I asked them what their favourite part of first aid is they all said CPR straight away.

They were all so good at everything that we taught them and absorbed it like a sponge. After every small part we taught we would stop and go into groups to do practices. We all were assigned around 10-15 pupils each, helped them with their practical skills.

After putting Richard in the recovery position, I talked about choking, shock and bleeding with the help from the group. It was all such a team working effort, as without a team it would be a disaster! As things are most readily made up on the stop. 

We then thought of something a little different. As the children wouldn't have a stretcher in a real emergency we showed and suggested that they use a rolled blanket which is placed under the patient and rolled tightly either side, creating a secure support to lift the patient. The children absolutely loved this! They loved taking it in turns to have a go at being lifted in the air.

We then broke for lunch where Madam CPR and the school nurse took us to the centre where they dine. They had put on such a lovely variety of food for us. I tried all the dishes to experience the true culture, they were boiled rice, mutton, potato pea mixture and dhal. 
The potato and pea mixture was very nice! It had a very mild mellow spice that wasn't overpowering. The mutton was very good, and didn't at all taste very chewy as most people think mutton does. I most defiantly think that mutton is under rated in the UK! I also tried for the first time dhal which is a tradionally Indian dish made of lentils in an almost mild to spicy curry soup sauce. It was amazing! I'm not a fan of lentils so was dubious about trying it, but I'm so glad that I did! It was gorgeous! 

We returned to the hall where we were teaching and started to signs certificates, as every pupil that we teach each day receives a certificate with their name signed by each of the members that taught them the St John First Aid Course. 
I thought this was a lovely idea and something that they can keep forever to remind them of the day that it very personal. 

We finished the afternoon by playing a few fun games, as the practical aspect was the most important for these year 9 students. We had CPR relays, 3 groups alternating between elevated arm sling, leg bandage and arm bandage, and finally a little competition to test their knowledge. Vanessa, Marion, Richard and myself each had a team in a row consisting of around 12 pairs of children. A teacher then picked a number and Marion would shout out something that we covered today. They would then have to run forward and get what ever equipment they needed. For example if Marion shouted Elevated Slings, they would have to run towards the stage and get a triangle bandage get back to the where the trainers were and perform the traingle bandage. The first team to complete each challenge was awarded 1 point, which I'm glad to say my team did get a few. Each trainer then scored their pair on how well they performed the skills out of 5. The team with the highest points, Vanessa's won! Richards team came second, my team came third and Msrions team came last. 
We had a group photo at the end of the day!

They were such a pleasure to teach! 

We finished the day by having more cake and chai tea and talking more about the people and the surrounding areas. 

We caught the taxis back to Mcleod Ganj and walked around the town and did a bit of shopping as everyone has a list of everything they need to buy. I bought a recycled journal which I'm going to turn into a diary and a photo album. Most of us bought a toy shbanga each to race each other during the nights, haha! 

We returned to the hotel and got ready  to have dinner. For dinner we started with buttered nanns and bowl fills of chips.  For mains, I choose to have Shanghi chicken in an oyster sauce. It was very nice and the ostyer sauce was lighter in colour and a nicer flavour than the ones back at home.

I also tried Shanghi garlic chicken was had more of a sauce like a sweet n sour sauce, it was very nice! 

After dinner we re folded all the trianglar bandages and dressings and packed out training bags ready to go early in the morning tomorrow. 

Later on, a few us hung out talking about very random stuff. Full of laughter though. I've seem to have a stitch from laughing so much ever night so far, haha! :)

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