Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Church in Upper Dharamshala

Today we were up slightly earlier again, having our breakfasts at 8:30. Omelette time! Haha! We left almost immediately after to catch our Shaband car. Which are the most tiniest three-wheeled car that are very wobbly on these Indian roads!

We then entered the church of St John. 
It had such a pretty surroundings to it. It almost looked like a church situated in Scotland.

We also visited Father John's grave, who was the former vicar for 26 years. But yet it didn't even have a proper grave. So sad! 

We had a slight wait as we thought the device started at 10, but it started at 11:30 as they do it have in English and Hindi. 
The ceremony started with a few words from vicar and a song in Hindi. We then first sung Shine Jescus Shine. Then a few words from the vicar, from Mark (in our group) re sighted corinthians 13 about love and Des, our group leader (who is a vicar too) said a few words. It made me very aware of the most important thing in life is actually love. We followed by singing Amazing Grace.
It was lovely to see the local people at the church, but it was astonishing to believe that every one of the people believes in something slightly different but yet can dedicate their whole life to it! Amazing! 

We walked back to Mcleod Ganj and had lunch in the hotel.
I choose a Paneer Chilly. Which is Indian Cheese. It was lovely but quite hot! 

This just proves how many people they can fit on one motorbike!

We then traveled to the prime ministers office just to look around outside.

We then had a competition who could take the best selfie. Obviously it was our group! :) haha!

We then visited Dharamsala main town. 
It was very big and very busy. There were lots of mothers with babies following you around the town asking for money.

I even saw a man making popcorn on a stove on the street, which was pretty cool!

We went back to the village and shopped around for a bit, then headed back to the hotel to fold some bandages ready for tomorrow's training. 
We had dinner without Des tonight, as he had to attend a meeting. We started with chips and buttered nanns again. Tonight I choose a crispy chicken dish, which was crispy pieces of chicken with some carrots and spring onions in a mild Cantonese style sauce. I love the way that there sauces here are almost like soup! This was accompanied by boiled and fried rice.

After dinner we cleaned all the medical equipment ready for tomorrow's session and divided into our two groups to run through what we are going to be doing tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to teach the young orphans in Lower TCV. 

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  1. Wow Charlotte you have been so busy since arriving home. A great blog, well done. See you soon.