Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday Roast Italian Style...

We are spending the week at our favourite agriturismo, Podere Prasiano, with the delightful hosts, Emmanuela and Massimo. 

It was our favourite place last year, and is still this year! It's perfect! 

We were recommended by Emmanuela and Massimo, an organic farm to dine at this evening, about 1 hour away from Podere Prasiano.

We set off a little early, to visit the village sestola and to take some photos of the surrounding area, when the sun was setting.

When we arrived at the farm, called Cà de Frà, we were greated by a Dover of ducks! 
The organic farm was truely inspirational, they had their own shop and produced all their own cheeses, meat, fruit, veg, jams, honey, etc... 

We were the only ones dinning at the restaurant (apart from the family) so we felt truely privaliged and honoured to be there. 

The mother, Christina, is such a superb cook! 
We set down with a glass of an organic Barbera and began our Sunday feast! 

It was a set menu, so everything that we ate was a pleasant surprise! 

We had 3 antipastis to start with. The first was a spelt salad, using their own spelt.

The second was bruschetta with their own sausage meat and their cheese made on the farm.

The third was mini tartlets stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

For the primi course we had a choose of three different pasta dishes, but both dad and I couldn't resist one of our favourites - Tortelloni pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach served in a butter and sage sauce. It was heavenly! The pasta was smooth and scrumptious!

For the mains we were treated to a massive italian roast! We were totally not expecting so much glorious food! 
There was a slow cooked piece of lower pork leg called Sinco.
It was delicious! Both dad and I devoured it between us! It was quite odd, as it didn't taste like pork, it tasted almost gamey.

There were many amazing accompaniments to the roast. 

Stuffed beef tomatoes - yum!

Turkey slices topped with fresh tomatoes, rocket leaves and shavings of parmesan cheese.

Fried courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and spinach - they were A-mazing!

At this point we were molto sono pieno - very full! So we agreed to share a dessert of their homemade blackberry cake. 
As dad and I love a pudding and a dessert, we regretted not ordering one each - it was unbeliableable delicious!
The bottom half of the cake was like a shortcrust tart, the middle was gooey sweet blackberries from the garden and the top was a super light and airy sponge. It was so unusual, as I have never tasted a cake like this before! 
I have been promised the recipe! This is what I will be making all the time when I am home.

The road, back to our agriturismo was quite scary in the dark! There were soooo many bends! It was unbelievable! 

It was a lovely evening out and such an inspirational little organic farm! :)

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  1. Thank you for your visit, we hope to see you again!
    Sonia'll send to you recipe soon!
    Sara Organic Holiday farm Ca' de Fra'