Friday, 22 August 2014

Walking under waterfalls...

We continued exploring today by visiting Lago di Antrona on our last day in the area.

It is a beautiful lake set in the middle of the mountains! 

We walked around the whole lake and absorbed the amazing scenery! 

At the side of the lake was a small waterfall that we hiked up and climbed under! It was scary but fun! 

For dinner we had our favourites, as it was our last night here! 
Tagliatelle with fresh local mushrooms. Fillet of beef with rosemary and olive oil potatoes and courgettes. 
Lemon sorbet. 

A great menu to end a great stay at such an amazing and breathtaking place! 

I even managed to ask the chef, Sabrina, how to cook her tagliatelle con verdura - which I did in italian! I love being able to have a conversation in italian with my dad just gorping in front of me, not having a clue what is going on! :) 

The views from our private gardens were amazing! 

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