Monday, 21 April 2014

Gorgeous slow roasted lamb shoulder

For Easter, I made a gorgeously tender slow roasted lamb shoulder. 
It just melting in your mouth! Heavenly 

For 2 (generously) 
500g lamb shoukder 
5 sprigs of rosemary 
1 small bulb of garlic, smashed
Olive oil 
1 red onion 
Red wine and sherry

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. 
Place half the sliced onion in the bottom of baking tray.
Add half the garlic and rosemary. 
Place the lamb shoulder on top. 
Brush generously with olive oil and season with sea salt and black pepper.
Make diagonal slices in the lamb on the fatty side and stuff the slices with rosemary and garlic cloves.
Pour in some red wine and sherry to the baking tray. 
Cover tightly with 2 pieces of foil. 
Place in the oven and immediately turn it down to 170 degrees. 
Cook for around 1 hr 40 mins, until you can pull it apart with a folk. 

To accompany the lamb I made homemade mint sauce. 
To make it you will need
1 bunch of fresh mint (30g) 
1 tbsp caster sugar 
4 tbsp white wine vinegar 
Pinch of salt 
4 tbsp boiling water 

Blitz the mint, so it's very finely chopped. 
Add to the serving bowl and add the sugar, a pinch of salt and the boiling water. 
Stir to combine and leave to cool. 
Add the white wine vinegar and stir. 
Leave in the fridge for the flavours to intensify! 
Yum yum! :) 

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