Monday, 5 August 2013

Our stay in the Emilia Romagna Region

The Emilia Romanga region is known in Italy as the best food region, where the likes of Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, ricotta, bolognese, honeys, cherries, apricots and many more are the highlights of their fresh local produce. 

We stayed at Podere Prasiano, which is an absolutely stunning country house surrounded by 5 acres of farm land, owned and run by Emanuela and Massimo. They use all their products that the grow to produce fresh jams, fruit juices and honeys, which are all gorgeous! 

The views were amazing!!

This is Eddi, who is an Australian sheep dog who is absolutely adorable and thinks his lord of the manner as he always sits like this (with his paws crossed).

We spent 4 nights here and were really sad to leave, as Emanuela and Massimo were outstanding and very welcoming hosts, with Emanuela giving me lots of helpful family cooking advice and Massimo talking to us on the patio every night in to the early hours of the morning, sharing a bottle of their finest wines.

We dinned in for two nights at Podere Prasiano, as Emanuela had Saturdays and Sundays off. But Emanuela food was absolutely outstanding, if not the best food I have ever tasted! It was so simple but yet so fresh and delicious!!
Lasagne Verdi of Modena. This HAS to be the best lasagne I have ever tasted! I will in no doubt be buying a pasta machine when I get home to make this! :)

Homemade apricot ice cream with fresh apricots and plums in honey.

Rocket, shavings of Parmesan drizzled in balsmic vinegar. 

One of the many antipasti platers, with my favourite being the ricotta and spinach savoury tart.

Freshly made tortelli filled with fresh ricotta cheese & sage and cooked in butter.

Fresh hot cherries from the garden in a sweet sauce served with fresh ricotta cheese mixed with cream! Yum!!

Massimo cooking all the amazing meat on the traditional stone barbecue! Where I had the chance to try pork!! And I actually quite like it (dad some how ate it too and enjoyed it...)

The breakfasts were amazing too! Especially Emanuela dolci (cakes) and tortes (tarts). They were like banquets, and some how we managed to eat ALL the food every morning...

We are finally getting used to the Italian way of life of having, two antipastis, primi (pasta), main (meat) and dessert. God help us.

We also visited Emanuela's home town of Farno, which was a lovely little village on the outskirts of the mountains, south of Modena.

We also went into the town of Murano sul Panaro and had the most amazing true local dinner at this small restaurant called Osteria Novecento, which was in a cellar of a disused hydroelectric generating building that used to supply the whole town with electricity. 
We knew straight away how fresh and traditional it was as the owners didn't speak any English and there was no menu, they just simply told us meals that they could make for us today, and even asked us what we liked and disliked so they could make dishes personalised to us. It was a lovely experience, which we shared with two women, one from Australia and one from Oxford who were also staying at Podere Prasiano.
We started with a huge platter of sliced beef tomatoes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and slices of this gorgeous pork meat (literally pork fat) which can be only found in the Modena region, called Ciccioli di maiale.

Risotto with fresh Parmesan and balsamic vinegar.

Buccanti pasta with pancetta and a hot chilli sauce.

Fresh local fish caught from the river in the town, fried in butter and topped with toasted pine nuts and herbs. 

We also had a side platter between the four of us, which I forgot the name of, but it consisted of fried aubergines in olive oil, Percornio cheese, toasted walnuts and unusually tasty small pieces of pear in Cognac & honey.
The owners of the restaurant had a photograph with us at the end of the meal! They were so friendly and jolly and we would have loved to have spent all night with them!

They also had an amazing wine rack! 

I managed to buy Emanuela's olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a few jams, parmeggiano reggiano from a local farm that Emanuela uses and I managed to find and buy some Ciccioli di maiale!

Thanks to Emanuela my travel recipe journal is finally starting to form :D


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Can hardly believe it has been over a year since our stay. Each day was a new adventure, discovering local villages, and treats. This was especially nice knowing that we would be returning to our wonderful room next to the balsamic vinegar barrels ( I really recommend this room).

    Our mornings always started off with an incredible breakfast prepared and presented by our host, hostess or staff. The food was incredible, and we ate every bite. The entire experience of discovering Medina, and then finding our way to the estate was tiring, but being met by Emanuela and Maximo, having a bottle of wine and learning about the estate refreshed us and prepared us for our northern Italian adventures. I whole heartedly recommend staying here. In fact if you want to get information feel free to email me. I am posting this as I have reviewed the webpage to reexperience our stay.