Sunday, 11 August 2013

Beautiful B&B in Bologna

Today we traveled from Perugia to Bologna which was about a three hour drive. 

We stopped in a little B&B called Locanda Gli Ulivi, just outside Bologna. It originally started out as just the restaurant Osteria Clo' Filomena and is currently owned by Walter. It is a family business that started in 1954 and has been passed down from generation to generation. Walter is the manager and he has two sons, one is the chef of the restaurant and one owns and runs the vineyard. 
The B&B part of the business was a separate building to the restaurant and was extremely modern with its own pool overlooking the valleys. 

It had the most spectacular views over their vineyard!

For dinner we went to their restaurant Osteria Clo Filomeno Ristorante which was absolutely amazing!!

ALL the food was so fresh and tasty! All the pasta was handmade and absolutely delicious! It was one of the best meals we have had during our trip! 

With our meal we had a Barbara wine produced by the B&B on their own vineyard which was very full and fruity with a slight sweetness.

Antipasti of beef, tomato and zucchini in a cream sauce.

Of course I had to try the traditionall tagliatelle with bolognese ragout in Bologna! 
Oh my, it was the best bolognese EVER!!

I totally cracked the swirling of the pasta! 

I managed to demolish the huge bowl of gorgeous pasta!

Tagliolini stuffed with ricotta cheese in a bolognese ragout.

Now on to the main!
Deep fried beef escalope in bread crumbs & Parmesan served with balsamic vinegar of Spilamberto.

Dad had the fillet of beef, which was cooked to profection!

For dessert we both had a "cream" of Gelato (ice cream) which was gorgeously creamy and had a hint of lemon!

A lovely way to end a fabulous night stay in Bologna! 

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn, watching the sunrise over the vineyards! It was so pretty!

I luckily managed to talk to the chef of the restaurant, Gianni, who willingly gave me his secret family recipe of his bolognese sauce! I will defiantly be making this when I'm home with fresh handmade tagliatelle! 

Walter then took us through the kitchen to their back garden in which he revealed half the secrect to an amazing bolognese - cooking San Manzano tomatoes over a wood burning stove to get a thick tomato sauce. It was amazing to watch!

The breakfast at Locanda Gili Ulivi was incredible and so delicious! The cakes and tarts expecially! I managed to stuff my face with 5 slices of cakes and tarts on top of my normal breaky! They were just too unresistable not to have!

The traditional Italian strawberry jam crostata which had a lovely modern twist of lemon to it! 

My favourite was this cake which was very moist & airy and had a layer of egg custard in the middle of it and was topped a layer of chopped hazelnuts. It was really unusual to have custard inside a sponge cake but oh boy it worked heavenly!
I also managed to get the recipe of this cream custard cake from Gianni! I'm a very lucky girl with all of these family recipes! :)

After having gorgeous balsamic vinegar at dinner last night, I was intrigued to know where they bought it from as it was heavenly! So I asked the chef and off we went to a little farm 1 km up the road from the B&B, where we meat Alberto, who allowed us to sample four different balsamic vinegars of all ages. I picked the 8 year old balsamic as it was gorgeously thick but very sweet at the same time - just how a balsamic should be!

I have decided that the Emilia Romanga region of Italy is most definitely my favourite region in Italy with amazingly tasty food and breathtaking scenery!

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