Friday, 16 August 2013

Eurotunnel to England

We traveled 3 hours from our accommodation in Reims to the Calais eurotunnel port.
In Calais we stopped quickly in the amazing huge shopping centre!

As soon as we crossed the channel into Folkestone in England we we greated by the lovely British weather of grey cloud and rain. Oh! how we already miss Italy! 

On top of the bad weather we were stuck in a major traffic jam due to a huge car accident on the M25 by London.

They shut the M25 completely and we were stuck in stand still traffic for over 6 hours! It felt like forever!!

After finally exiting the M25 traffic (which I would be quite happy to never see again in my life!) we were starving, thirsty and very tired.

So we decided to book in to a small country hotel called Chiseldon House in Swindon for the night where we got upgraded to the executive suite which was lovely.

The country house was beautiful! A gorgeous one night stop over!

We dinned in at the restaurant for the night and had the most delicious and gorgeous meal! 
For starters we both had Tian of Artichoke & Ratatouille, Rouille Sauce, Balsamic Reduction - which was stunning!

For mains I had stuffed neck of lamb, Cannellini bean & leek confit, glazed carrots, minted jus - which was gorgeous! 

Dad had the Poached Broxbam fish, spring greens, caramelised shallots, Pernod & orange sauce - gorgeously anocedy!

For dessert we both had the Glazed lemon & apple tart, thyme sorbet and candied citrus fruit. The combination of thyme and lemon was very unusual but complemented each other perfectly! 

All the presentation at the restaurant was top class! It was a delicious meal!

To end the stressful day I tried Pernod with a dash of lemonade on ice! It was lush, reminded me of eating flapjacks when I was little :)

The next day we drove back home to South Wales and the first service station we called at served 'On the Run' food - which made us laugh as it's quite different from the gorgeous 'Slow Food' of Italy! Well that's Brits for you!! 

One day later than anticipated and we finally arrived home in Wales after crossing the seven bridge connecting England to Wales.


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